The GarrettsvilleStrong Fund


Coming Together to Rebuild Our Village

In the wake of the devastating fire that destroyed an entire block of our historic Main Street, the question we are hearing most is "How can I help?"

In an effort to protect our area business owners and residents, the Village of Garrettsville and the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce are requesting that ALL fundraising efforts for the Village of Garrettsville be logged in through the Chamber of Commerce by contacting Michelle Zivoder, Chamber Secretary via email at news@weeklyvillager.com.

GarrettsvilleStrong Mission Statement

The GarrettsvilleStrong fund was established to raise funds which will be utilized to facilitate the rebuilding of the block in downtown Garrettsville affected by the fire March 22, 2014. This area is located on Main Street between Center and High Streets

Important Donation Information

The Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce has established a fund for donations towards reconstruction efforts within Garrettsville's business district. The GarrettsvilleStrong fund will be administered by a board of directors, and no payouts will be made from the fund until firm guidelines for spending have been developed.

The fundraisers listed below have agreed that all proceeds from their fundraiser shall be promptly deposited into the GarrettsvilleStrong account at Middlefield Bank. Neither GarrettsvilleStrong nor the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce is responsible for maintaining or verifying records of proceeds from any listed fundraiser. A listing on this page indicates a fundraiser has registered with the Chamber of Commerce, but does not constitute a general endorsement. GarrettsvilleStrong will attempt to correspond deposits to listed fundraisers, but does not guarantee its ability to do so.

Direct Donations

To make a direct donation to the fund, please visit or call the Garrettsville Branch of Middlefield Bank and request that your donation be made to GarrettsvilleStrong.

Bank Contact Information:
Middlefield Bank - Garrettsville
8058 State Street
Garrettsville, Ohio 44231
(330) 527-2121

To make your donation through the mail, please mail checks made payable to GarrettsvilleStrong to:

Garrettsville Strong
c/o Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1
Garrettsville, Ohio 44231
(330) 527-2121